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Auto Injury Solutions, <a href="http://www.cccis.com/" target="_blank">a CCC company</a>, delivers customizable, end-to-end solutions to leading auto insurance carriers in all 50 states in support of their handling of first and third party casualty claims resulting from automobile accidents. We help improve claims management and reduce expenses through our technology and outsourcing services including medical bill review, PPO, professional review, demand package evaluation, general damages solution integration, injury causation analysis, New Jersey solutions, mailroom, and call center.

At AIS, we are fully committed to providing your organization with best-in-class solutions to serve your unique medical automobile claims needs.

2003Formed through the merger of National Healthcare Resources and Concentra
2008Incorporated by Concentra as Auto Injury Solutions, Inc.
Introduced Demand Package Solutions
2010Acquired by Humana
2014Acquired by CCC Information Services, Inc.
2015Integrated Injury Sciences into AIS
2016Introduced Injury Evaluation Solutions

AIS Leadership Team

Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, General Manager,
Medical Advisory Solutions

Dr. Mary leads our medical advisory services and New Jersey program. She is also responsible for quality assurance for clinical review, medical credentialing in expert clinician recruitment, and educational outreach. Prior to AIS, she served as Medical Director for Loyola Occupational Health Services and Associate Professor at Loyola University of Chicago. Dr. Mary is an experienced presenter and published author in medicine and engineering on injury and safety. She holds an MD from University of Florida and a Masters in Public Administration from University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Liz Luppino-Heck

Vice President, General Manager, Injury Evaluation Solutions

Liz Luppino-Heck leads our third party casualty solutions. She brings over 20 years of experience in auto casualty claims from Progressive. Liz also has 12 years of nursing experience and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the State University of New York: The College at Brockport.

Doug Taylor

Vice President, General Manager,
Bill Review Solutions

Doug leads first party casualty solutions and previously served as VP, Medical Advisory Solutions. Prior to joining AIS in 2007, Doug spent 10 years at ADP where he served in leadership roles in payment and medical claims solutions. Prior to ADP, Doug was a claims manager for MetLife.

Steven Geistfeld

Vice President, Casualty Solutions & Consulting

Steve is responsible for client acquisition, cross-sell, and retention. Prior to joining AIS in 2001, he spent 17 years in the property-casualty insurance industry as vice president of claims for Electric Insurance and in various claims roles for State Farm.

Paul Gordon

Vice President, Finance, QA, and Training

Paul has led finance, quality assurance, and training since joining AIS in 2004. Previously, he served in finance leadership roles for GE, Citigroup, and Bank of America. He also worked in public accounting for Arthur Andersen. Paul is a certified public accountant and has an MBA in finance from the University of North Texas.

Elisa Lazarus

Vice President, Content Management

Elisa is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the AIS medical bill review engine. Prior to joining AIS in 2002, she provided QA leadership for McGraw Hill and QuadraMed.

Melissa Loew

Vice President, Market Strategy and Business Development

Melissa Loew is responsible for corporate planning, alliances, and product strategy. She brings over 20 years of experience from Allstate, Marsh & McLennan, and Ernst & Young Management Consulting. Melissa holds an MBA in marketing and strategy from Northwestern University.

Tina Senftle

Vice President, Account Management

Tina is responsible for ensuring client success and satisfaction. Joining AIS in 2003, she has served as VP, Medical Advisory Solutions and AVP/program manager for a national P&C insurance carrier. Prior to AIS, Tina was director of account management for Integrated Medical Solutions, a former division of ADP.

Beth McAteer

Assistant Vice President, Analytics

Beth leads analytics and reporting for AIS. Prior to AIS, she worked in claims leadership positions at The Hartford, Travelers, and Selective Insurance before moving into business intelligence roles at Audatex, Guidewire, and Insurity.

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